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eForm in modal window on Drupal 8

Recently we developed a module called eForm Modal  that displays eForms in popup window.

When developing a web app a common requirement is the creation of various forms or questionnaires in pop-up windows. Currently Drupal 8 has beautiful eForm module, we added to this by recently developing eForm Modal  which allows you to display eForms in pop-ups.

Below is a step by step example on how to use it  The first step we need to  install these modules: EForm, Eform Modal and Telephone.

Next go to form types /admin/structure/eform_types

and create new form type

enter title

and  for popup  title

fill text that will be shown on submission page

after saving the form  lets go to manage fields

and add phone field as required.

now lets go to manage block UI and press Place block  in needed region

choose Eform Modal Block  and submit

next in settings we must enter link title for our popup

and choose our eForm in dropdown select

Here you can assign the width and height for the popup window, or leave it  and  his parameters will be applied automatically.

After saving this block we will see our link

and ater submit phone number

Our popup form ready.  You can create many forms and place block for each  with needed  configuration.











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